SFX sample experiments

Hi all,

Lately I’ve been experimenting with sample packs and controllers. This seems to be even better than playing a computer game to me. And today I wanted to share what I found out. I guess many of you know all of this already but maybe someone will get an inspiration to do something creative.

I started to play with plain package with free sfx sample pack but after some some experiments with reverbs, delays, flangers and pitch shifting I decided to move forward.

So I opened Freesound.org and started downloading sounds of animals, ambiances (seawaves, woods sounds,…) and started to put them into transitions – imagine for example a melody played by hooting owls on a seashore as a transition to a liquid drum’n’bass tune starting with soft hihat sound to develop into a tune with the same melody played on synths.

Now do you have in mind something more? It seems that is a nice place for further experiments!

dj motivation

Dj motivation

Is it true that dj lifestyle are only parties.

man begginers djs say:
I decided I wanted to be a disc jockey after spending countless amazing nights out dancing in clubs and realising the feeling it gave me; a high which beat any other I’ve experienced.

with this king of attitude You will never became an sucesfull dj.

is appear a question Where to find an inspiration and motivation.

First ask yourself that very question: are you passionate about this?

without passion You will never became well-known.

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