SFX sample experiments

Hi all,

Lately I’ve been experimenting with sample packs and controllers. This seems to be even better than playing a computer game to me. And today I wanted to share what I found out. I guess many of you know all of this already but maybe someone will get an inspiration to do something creative.

I started to play with plain package with free sfx sample pack but after some some experiments with reverbs, delays, flangers and pitch shifting I decided to move forward.

So I opened Freesound.org and started downloading sounds of animals, ambiances (seawaves, woods sounds,…) and started to put them into transitions – imagine for example a melody played by hooting owls on a seashore as a transition to a liquid drum’n’bass tune starting with soft hihat sound to develop into a tune with the same melody played on synths.

Now do you have in mind something more? It seems that is a nice place for further experiments!

Sample Packs Stores – Samples for Dj, Sounds for Dj, Loops for Dj

Get Sample Packs

On the Internet you can find and download hundreds of samples for DJs and music producers. There are already some online shops with a very interesting samples, thanks to which we can create their own musical path, enriching and fun sounds of their own music productions and have fun. Good online shops offer free dj sounds, to be able to test the quality, compatibility, climate, sound samples. This eliminates the risk that we will buy something that does not suit us qualitatively.

The web is some good shops with samples. Often the prices are similar, though not necessarily content sample pack. If you want a professional samples, it is necessary to buy, where you can listen to the demo. Note also that if you can immediately download the samples to disk. For a few websites you can order sample cd on postal address.

Believe me, that playing music in the laying of the samples is the genius, this is a good start to check whether the laying of music is what you love. Then as you gain experience, you can create your own, fully professional sound and can buy their own musical instruments and you’ll burn them in his own home studio? Whatever will be, good luck in the development of your own style and technique!

Porpular programs to make music

Popular programs to make music


2. VIRTUAL DJ and Virtual DJ PRO








It doesn’t surprise that the most popular programs to make the music are widely available in the internet for free. They are used by amateurs who work with music in home-studio. Some of described programs are expanded and advanced – they are used by people who work with music professionally. I’ve tried to show just a little part of programs which are very popular. The differences between all applications are big and there is no possible way to include and compare all of them in one article. The choice enormous – it makes the decision harder but it is a great advantage -everyone can choose what he need.



How to make audience to admire You?

Many begginers ask :

How to make audience to admire You ?


Here I have some tips for You

1. The first thing you want to do once you have a gig booked is find out the ‘type’ of people who will be in attendance at the event. By knowing certain demographic information such as sex, age and profession, you can determine right away many things about the playlists you need to create.

2. Be always well prepared. This means that whether your gig is a retirement party for a funeral parlor worker or a prom or a sales convention, you should always be prepared to play some version of the popular hits blaring through radio stations around the world.

3. Many DJs often think that the louder the volume, the better. While loud music can evoke an energetic party, if it is too loud, distortion will kick in, which is not enjoyable to listen to. Not only will the audience not like it, but it can also damage your equipment. It’s important to make sure your meter levels are out of the danger zone. Start off at zero on the speakers and build from there. You should always leave yourself enough headroom to increase the volume as you see fit as the party’s energy levels continue to increase throughout the night.

4. Key mixing – this involves mixing songs as per to their harmony, and is particularly important to create awesome sounding mixes. While years ago DJs had to have a really good ear to understand the key that the tracks were recorded in, today there are digital tools and software available to make this job a lot easier.

Get more info about music production.

Noise Reduction, Samples Denoising, Vst Plugins

What programs and VST plug-ins to use to remove noise from recordings and sounds?

I recommend:

– “Noise reduction” of the audio editor gold wave. How do I learn to use the noise reduction, even by trial and error, you will be able to reach satisfactory results. Filter for Noise Reduction can either delete a hum noise and high noise.
– Powercore Restoration Suite – a very good tool, works on a platform Tc Electronic Powercore. In this set you will find: Declick Powercore, Powercore Decrackle, Descratch Powercore, Powercore Powercore denoise and Dethump. You must have a PCI card or interface Powercore Powercore firewall.
– Waves Restoration to remove noise and glitches. Every day I do not use this solution, but once obtain good results with these plug-ins, namely: Waves X-Noise, Waves of-noise, Waves X-Crackle, X-hum Waves and Waves X-click.


1st Ideally, when you can not hear the impact of noise reduction filter to sound right. The best situation is when your video or sound is virtually the same as before, and the noise was offset.
2nd No need to completely remove the noise! Much better results are satisfactory level of noise reduction without any loss of nearly the same sound frequencies than the complete elimination of noise along with the sample or part of the recording.
3rd Gain quiet part of the recording and see it, behave like noise reduction filter. If you manage to get a satisfactory effect on the quiet portion of the recording, after amplification, you can count on a good effect on the normal volume of the recording.
4th Take a short break, after which the piece once again listen to the recording without the noise and the original song recordings. Take feedback.

Have fun;)