Noise Reduction, Samples Denoising, Vst Plugins

What programs and VST plugins to use to remove noise from recordings and sounds?

I recommend:

– “Noise reduction” of the audio editor gold wave. How do I learn to use the noise reduction, even by trial and error, you will be able to reach satisfactory results. Filter for Noise Reduction can either delete a hum noise and high noise.
– Powercore Restoration Suite – a very good tool, works on a platform Tc Electronic Powercore. In this set you will find: Declick Powercore, Powercore Decrackle, Descratch Powercore, Powercore Powercore denoise and Dethump. You must have a PCI card or interface Powercore Powercore firewall.
– Waves Restoration to remove noise and glitches. Every day I do not use this solution, but once obtain good results with these plug-ins, namely: Waves X-Noise, Waves of-noise, Waves X-Crackle, X-hum Waves and Waves X-click.


1st Ideally, when you can not hear the impact of noise reduction filter to sound right. The best situation is when your video or sound is virtually the same as before, and the noise was offset.
2nd No need to completely remove the noise! Much better results are satisfactory level of noise reduction without any loss of nearly the same sound frequencies than the complete elimination of noise along with the sample or part of the recording.
3rd Gain quiet part of the recording and see it, behave like noise reduction filter. If you manage to get a satisfactory effect on the quiet portion of the recording, after amplification, you can count on a good effect on the normal volume of the recording.
4th Take a short break, after which the piece once again listen to the recording without the noise and the original song recordings. Take feedback.

Have fun;)