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Get fresh, new samples for djs and music producers! Arrange professional tracks for choosing genre. Here you’ll find a huge collection of audio samples; techno samples, hip hop samples, hardstyle samples, trance, electro, house, hands up, hardcore, and others. See how nice it is to create music using a professional sound that you can download from the links below. Today you can begin to create their own music. Wav files that you import into virtually any program to create music, such as Fruity Loops, FL Studio.

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Download Techno Samples, Hip Hop Samples, Electro, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Trance, Hands Up, Dance, House, Electronic


If you want no limits use of the thousands of professional dj samples, techno samples or hip-hop samples, buy the complete collection of samples:

Dj Sample Packs – Full Sample Packs.

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Please note! Just being in possession of the full sample packs, you can create a whole, professional, cool songs / tracks / music productions. When buying whole sets are saving a lot of time, energy and work and gain satisfaction and pleasure of working. I can only guess that counts for you comfort and lightness of the music styling.

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15.000 hip hop samples

Sounds have a lifetime 🙂

Start the adventure with hip-hop production and creation of hip hop beats. Here in one place, you have a link up to 15,000 samples of hip-hop! Enter and get access within minutes to them, next download audio samples directly to your hard drive. With this huge collection of wav samples, you can successfully create a lot of cool hip-hop beats.

What you get:

– 2,55 GB / 4482 instrument samples

– 743 MB / 4034 hip hop drums

– 240 MB / 807 hip hop drum beats

– 170 MB / 649 vinyl cut chords samples

– 1,13 GB / 5224 percussion samples

Samples run in any sampler, such as the Fl Studio Directwave and successfully create complete beats from the drums, bass, synths, the instrumental lines, such as pianos, guitars, violins, trumpets, choirs, electric pianos, flutes, organs.

It depends on you, whether now begin a great adventure with the creation of hip hop.