How to make audience to admire You?

Many begginers ask :

How to make audience to admire You ?


Here I have some tips for You

1. The first thing you want to do once you have a gig booked is find out the ‘type’ of people who will be in attendance at the event. By knowing certain demographic information such as sex, age and profession, you can determine right away many things about the playlists you need to create.

2. Be always well prepared. This means that whether your gig is a retirement party for a funeral parlor worker or a prom or a sales convention, you should always be prepared to play some version of the popular hits blaring through radio stations around the world.

3. Many DJs often think that the louder the volume, the better. While loud music can evoke an energetic party, if it is too loud, distortion will kick in, which is not enjoyable to listen to. Not only will the audience not like it, but it can also damage your equipment. It’s important to make sure your meter levels are out of the danger zone. Start off at zero on the speakers and build from there. You should always leave yourself enough headroom to increase the volume as you see fit as the party’s energy levels continue to increase throughout the night.

4. Key mixing – this involves mixing songs as per to their harmony, and is particularly important to create awesome sounding mixes(check edm sound effects). While years ago DJs had to have a really good ear to understand the key that the tracks were recorded in, today there are digital tools and software available to make this job a lot easier.

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